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We look at adoption as a very sacred exchange.

Jamie Lee Curtis


Adoption FAQs

  • When should I get my home study?

As soon as you decide that you would like to move forward with the adoption, it is best to get the home study completed. However, since the home study is only valid for 2 years in New York State, you want to be certain that you are ready to begin the adoption process.

  • What is the difference in using an Independent Social Worker or an Agency Social Worker?

It is really up to you which route you would prefer to take. Many adoptive parents use an agency, while others go forward with the process independently, using a lawyer and an LCSW. Its helpful to explore this option, to see which best suits you and your needs.

  • What do I need to be prepared for when the Home Study Visit(s) happen?

Many parents become quite anxious with the thought of someone entering their home and “evaluating” them on the prospect of adopting a child. This is something we discuss in the pre-home study meeting. At this time, I will also give you the list of all documentation that must be submitted in order to complete the home study.

  • What kinds of things would a Social Worker find that would impact negatively in a home study?

Remember, the Home Study is a tool to explore, educate and evaluate the stability of the home for a child. Social Workers aren’t looking for a reason to keep you from achieving your adoption goals. Again, the pre-home study meeting and adoption consultations are excellent places to discuss areas that a person(s) may feel concerned about.

  • How long does the Home study and reports take?

This depends. Usually between the visit(s), report and necessary paperwork from the adoptive family, approximately 6 weeks. This process can be expedited for an additional fee.