Jacqueline K Furst

People always say that our children are very lucky to be adopted. But we are the lucky ones. Being able to adopt beautiful boys from VietNam has changed our lives in ways we can't describe and fulfilled our dreams of creating a family.

Shawn and Rene, adoptive parents


Services and Fees

Individual Psychotherapy
(both adoption-related and not)

$150.00 and up

The goal is always to provide you with the skills to overcome the issues that are interfering with your ability to lead a healthy and positive life. Together we will explore the roadblocks that negatively affect your life and help you move beyond them. This exploration will help you to change existing patterns and learn to avoid the triggers that lead to poor choices and in turn, change the quality of your life.


Pre-Adoption Consultation


The decision to adopt is exciting, but can also be confusing and overwhelming. I am available to meet as many times as needed to discuss the various types of adoption, what the process will look like and how this change will affect you and/or your family.


Pre-Home Study Meeting


Prior to the home study, many clients find it helpful to meet in my office. This helps adoptive parents learn what to expect and to feel less anxious and more prepared. Also, at this meeting we will discuss all paperwork that must be completed and submitted to the social worker in order to complete the home study.


Home Study


A home study is required for every adoption. The home study includes, but isn’t limited to, the discussion of the following in the adoptive parent(s) home: life-changing events and what was learned from them, family of origin, marriage/family relationships, motivation to adopt, expectations from adoption, feelings of infertility (if applicable), values, home environment, health, education and employment history, how the child will be cared for, references, criminal background checks and summary and recommendations.


Adoption Advocacy

(as needed)

Once the paper work has been submitted, many adoptive parents need advocacy and help navigating the adoption process. I am available as much as a family would need. This can include questions on paperwork, travel preparation, planning and preparing the home for bringing home the baby/child.


Post Adoption Placement Reports


Once the child is placed in the home, the state requires that a social worker visit the home and write a final report(s). This report focuses on how the child is doing since the adoption and how he/she has integrated into the home of the adoptive family.


Post Adoption Counseling

$150 and up

Many adoptive families find it helpful to seek counseling once the child/children have been placed in the home. I am available for short or long term family, individual or couples counseling.


Note- if you use all the services, a flat fee can be negotiated.

*all services are confidential*